Water-borne Paint ZERF™ -- Green Product, Quality Life

ZERF™ is a brand of water-borne paint which covers a broad product portfolio of water-borne wood & metal paint, plastic paint, automotive paint and floor paint. Shandong Haozun Biotechnology Co., Ltd is the strategic and exclusive partner for this brand in Asian market with a focus on Chinese market. NTC has been working with Shandong haozun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. from the early phase of conceptual design, formulation development, pilot production, manufacturing plant design and execution till the late phases of process optimization and wastewater treatment strategy, as well as branding and distribution strategy in Asian market with a focus on Chinese market. Shandong Haozun is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in production and sales of more than 1000 kinds of products, such as water-based anti swelling agent, sealing primer, transparent primer, white top coat, color paste, etc. The company has gathered a large number of technical, management and marketing experts inland and abroad. Over the years, the company has continuously developed new water-based wood paint products with environmental protection functions and in line with the concept of green consumption. Based on its specialized and customized products, it can fully meet the high standards and new requirements from the consumers. In compliance with ISO9001 international quality management system as well as China's environmental protection products certification, the company has always adhered to the technological innovation, service first business purpose. At the same time the company selects high-quality raw materials from Germany and other places. Adopting the international leading level of production technology and strict quality control, the products are favored by our customers and have been sold all over the country.

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