NTCADD® - Innovative Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

NTCADD® is a brand for a series of environment-friendly additives, which are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with our tolling partners in Europe. We have been working with these well-known innovative companies to address these challenging problems in those application fields of coatings, adhesives, paints and printing inks, etc.

We focus on the future of water-borne technologies and believe that water-borne systems will gradually replace the solvent-borne ones mainly due to their environmental and economic advantages.

  • Lower VOC emissions and better meet governmental regulations
  • Low toxicity, less flammable and less costs on storage, shipment and waste disposal
  • Relatively low cost of production due to not requiring extra additives
  • Better surface features such as anti-sealing effects, non-yellowing film, heat and abrasion resistance and strong adhesion
  • Representing the larger category of coating and finish technology used today, especially in architectural and industrial sectors to meet a broader range of both performance and environmental standards

Our tolling partners are also reliable suppliers for some premium finishing coatings / paints manufacturers, such as Akzo Nobel, PPG, Sherwins-Williams, etc. both locally and globally. Based on our know-how and industrial experiences on additives, we could also customize products according to your special requirements and to provide the high-quality additives as well as tailor-made solutions.

NTCADD® additives can be applied for various industry fields such as construction / decorative paints, industrial coatings, adhesives printing inks or even deformers for food and feed industries.

Low Odor

Unpleasant odors connect to bad air quality and reduced odors increase comfortability


Reduced VOC and S-VOC help eliminate unpleasant odors and form health living environments

Allows Food Contact

Important for printing inks and coating for food and beverage packaging / FDA certification


Application of renewable materials helping saving earth resources

Enables Water-based

Water as the dissolving agent and avoiding using unnecessary solvents is the key to obtaining sustainable coatings and paints

Fulfilling long term global regulatory and registration requirements

Our special product management team provides updates on HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) and related information



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